Momus Spotlight: Sofia Randahl

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

How did you first become an actor? 

By coincidence actually. The interest was always there. I had a friend group that did short films. I tried to gather a group myself and we made a short. The result.. the bloopers were the highlights. The movie was awful but we had fun shooting!

The friend group that made shorts, they asked me to join their opening show for a cosplay convention. I was not too familiar in the cosplay world or knew anything about anime or manga but I said yes and became a regular cast member of their group for five years in a row. The decision to come to LA and study acting was a turning point in my life. I was in a bad work environment and decided to quit my job as an apprentice for the sake of my well-being and to chase my dreams.

Besides acting, do you have any other jobs in the industry?

Currently no, but I would like to work on the other side of the camera. I find producing and casting very interesting. I also do freelance photography which has led me to doing some BTS and Headshots. 

What was your first job?

My mom got my sister a job cleaning their offices and when my sister got her “real” job I took over. I started when I was fourteen.

How would you define acting? 

For the actor, it's a freedom. To express every feeling there is and show strength and weakness without any social form of judgement. It invites the audience to be enlightened and entertained. 

What are some obstacles you've overcome?

Fear of failure. Growing up I was very shy and no one would've believed that I would move to the other side of earth to study acting. Not even myself. It has been a long battle to get here, life begins at the end of the comfort zone. 

If you are international, what are the differences between acting in your home country and America? 

Norway have for sure grown in their movie making game just the last five years. It's a very small industry in Norway, and we only have a handful of famous actors. They don't focus on language or dialects, which in America seems to be very important. 

In a Norwegian production the mom would be from the west, the child from the east, the dad from the south, and they would live in the north, and yes we have a wide range of dialects in Norway. 

How are you keeping busy during this quarantine? 

I moved two weeks into the quarantine, and will move again soon. I've been researching everything from casting directors, upcoming projects, looking into the industry in Norway, and Europe. Following up on old work. Done a lot of photo editing, had some photoshoots. Done some self tapping, walked a lot, caught up on some series and movies I've missed out on. Baked a lot, procrastinated a lot, and tried to fix my sleep schedule for the last three weeks. That's about it. 

Who is your favorite director? 

I have more than one but if I have to choose just one it must be Roar Uthaug, I really like the work by this Norwegian director. He is by far one of Norway’s most successful directors, and I hope to see more international work by him. Maybe one day I’m lucky enough to work with him!

Who is your favorite actor? 

Choosing just one is impossible, but the one that amazed me recently was Meryl Streep in Mary Poppins actually. She also reminds me of my grandmother on my dads side, a lively colorful person.

Is there someone you like to thank for helping you get where you are? 

The list is long and it gets longer every day. Especially my “Mormor” Grandma, for supporting me financially. My family in general for believing in me. My previous employer, for helping me finish my apprenticeship and pass my exam with excellence in Profile Design to make this journey possible, AADA for seeing my potential. And along the way, every new connection, and collaboration, I am forever grateful.

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