Momus Spotlight: Anthony Balsano

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

How did you become an actor? I actually have a little bit of a different story than most people when it comes to my start as an actor. I started acting when I was 6 years old. I was repped by Abrams Artists Agency and was actually doing really well for a kid! I was going out for big commercials and was having a lot of fun! Unfortunately, due to long drives from San Diego to Los Angeles (and my impatience as a child) I stopped when I was around 8 and would not act again until I was in high school. Despite this, I always knew I would be an actor again one day. It is truly my calling in life and I would not be happy doing anything else. What work have you done recently? Recently, it has been a little slow as it has been for many actors. I'm still just coming off of my work from "Beyond Malak" which is being released soon, and "Suburbia" which I actually recently had the pleasure to screen not too long ago. In "Beyond Malak" I played the role of Tyler, a deeply troubled rapper, who tries to prove to himself and others that he's not as bad as he comes across. And Ryan in "Suburbia", the nerdy teen love interest of the lead character June (played by Alexa Hodzic). Through the backdrop of a high school, June and her best friend try to deal with teen-life after a serial killer has gone rampant in this small Middle-American town. Everyone is a suspect, and my character definitely isn't exempt from that. What has been the highlight if your career so far? One of my biggest acting highlights has definitely had to be playing Don John in Much Ado About Nothing. I've been told I have a very friendly face so I'm often cast as more nerdy, "nice guys". But this was an experience that I will never forget because I got to play a villain and man was it FUN! Being able to be evil and mischievous is really such a blast and it's fun to make people hate you.

Also, another highlight would have to be getting my first agent (child acting agent not included). I still remember the ecstasy I felt after walking away from that first meeting with my current commercial agent Dee. And then getting the email later that day that I was getting signed was all the better! I've stayed with her through Eris Talent, and where we are now at Elev8. What was your first job? My first acting job was for an original show in the San Diego Fringe Festival in 2016 called "Lady Windermere'$ FAM" (an obvious parody on Lady Winderemere's Fan by Oscar Wilde. The show was directed by Phillip Magin and it was nice way for me to get my first acting paycheck!! Besides acting, do you do any other jobs in the industry? Aside from acting, I also wrote and have dabbled in doing audio for sets. I first learned how to use sound equipment when helping a high school friend on set for his film called "The Red". After learning the basics, I soon began doing sound work on other sets when not acting. I really try and utilize my time on sets (when not acting) to be an easy-going, hard-working guy and also networking my acting capabilities if the situation is appropriate for it (obviously). How would you define acting? I would define acting as not acting! I feel like the moment I became a "real actor" was the same moment I realized I needed to stop pretending and start doing. This didn't come over night and a lot of acting teachers had to help me achieve this one. But I think that in order to be a good actor you need to stop "acting". It's okay if you think your performance is boring, as long as you make it genuine. Because the audience is captivated by genuineness. What were you like during your childhood? I was a cute kid, let’s be honest. I was so outgoing and definitely had that "actor" personality. I was a little self-centered but super nice and could talk a mile-a-minute. I played a lot of baseball and played a lot of piano. But other than that, I would say I had a pretty normal childhood. What is your favorite movie? My favorite movie of all time has to be John Carpenter's The Thing. It's been a long time favorite for me, and the acting, the unique story, the score all builds up to (in my eyes) the perfect film. You can re watch it over and over and still discover little moments that fill the narrative as a whole. Who is where, Who has access to what, Who is infected when, and who's acting sketchy and who's innocent? The script and characters demand a challenge from the actors, and they deliver. Who is your favorite actor? I have always admired Casey Affleck and his work. Everything that he is in. His acting is so natural, you can see true honest in it. And there have been many times where I've jumped at the screen saying "I've done the same thing!" He is very relatable and a very smart actor. I still remember the first time I saw him in Good Will Hunting and then proceeding to binge watch all of his films after that. Even though his personal life is ridden with controversy, I find his professional life very inspiring. What advice would you give to an actor starting off? To any actor trying to start off, or even if you're just thinking about going into the acting industry, I would have to say JUST DO IT. Take acting classes, sign onto casting sites and book some student roles, build up your reel, slowly improve your head shots. I personally know so many people who are holding themselves back because "my head shot isn't good enough" or "my resume sucks". These are superficial "barriers" I feel a lot of people put up and limit themselves. Go out and do it! Book smaller indie films and student films. Slowly work up your confidence. And (as Shia LaBeouf said famously) JUST DO IT!



Article created by Oliver Boon

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