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We have a new horror villain for 2020 and it couldn't be more fitting... it's a roll of toilet paper! A demonic toilet roll to be exact. From the mind of Chok Suwanavissotr comes Wiped, a horror-comedy in the style of a college dorm horror movie with a satirical edge.

Wiped centers around a demonic toilet paper that begins a murder spree, possessing its victims and wreaking havoc on a group of college teens.

Directed by Rohit Govardhanam, there is a lot of personality in this horror short. It knows what it is and focuses it's originality on the monster whilst keeping the stories and characters simple.

I would have liked to see more of the Demon Roll in its basic form. My favorite moments were hearing this roll of toilet paper with a crudely drawn grin snicker. This where the film in my opinion, stands out the most and is where the most fun is had when watching it.

I have to give credit as well to the cold-open which brilliantly sets up the tone in classic B horror fashion. Suwanavisootr really succeeded in coming up with set pieces for the Demon Roll to prey on its victims in their most vulnerable states. I found myself not entirely rooting for the human characters. I don't think they came off very likable but in a horror movie, the main cast often does take a backseat for the villain to shine!

The green and red lighting create an effective, hellish atmosphere which works well given the minimal budget of the short.

The fact that the villain is a roll of toilet paper is perfect timing in the year of the great toilet paper hoarding that ran rampant during the early months of the Covid pandemic. I feel that this is the type of movie that could really grow a cult following.

I caught up with the Writer/Producer AND one of the leads of Wiped, Chok Suwanavisootr to find out more about the making of:

What inspired you to turn a roll of toilet paper into a horror movie villain?

I just wanted to create a horror villain that no one has ever seen or expected before. In the past, we have seen those like tire with psychokinetic powers to evil sofa and even killer bong so I wanted to do the same and find something so ridiculously bizarre as a horror villain as it opens up to many possibilities in creating those unexpected gross-out humors and twists and turns and let's admit it, horror fans love weird sh*t, it's just exciting for us to watch something new and that's what I'm trying to go for with this toilet paper concept.

What was your favorite moment on set?

My favorite moment on set has to be when our producer Yuhan Lin finally called out "AAAAAAND that's a wrap, now let's all go get Korean BBQ!".

What would be the first thing you’d add to Wiped if it were feature length?

The first thing that I'd add to WIPED is making it into an anthology series that centers around this demon toilet paper possessed creature that would just crawl out from the toilet bowl in different scenarios, you know just like how Samara from THE RING crawl out from people's TV, and try to possess them all and take over the world!

Who came up with the design for the Wipe monster?

Pretty much me, my producer Yuhan Lin, and director Rohit Govardhanam, we all pitched in our ideas, from a blank roll of toilet paper with no face just like a tire from the move RUBBER (2010) to a toilet paper with glowing red eyes, but with our limited time in pre-production and budget, we ended up with what you saw in the movie, giving it a more wicked, naughty, and humorous look with a VFX done by NLS Production to give it a more vicious and playful personality.

What were some of your biggest influences for Wiped?

As an actor who wrote, produced, and starred in his own project here, I gotta say Tommy Wiseau (writer, producer, director, actor for The Room 2003) is probably my biggest influence here in inspiring me to get WIPED finally made - that no matter how ridiculous the project turns out to be in the end, it's still your creation that you put in sweats, passion, time, and money into making it happen and as a result, you should be damn proud of it and promote it as much as possible and not expecting other people to do that part for you alone.

Also for WIPED, movies like RUBBER (2010) and EVIL DEAD (1981) are probably the two biggest influences here as I always love watching horror movies with original and inventive villain where they are able to turn those every day's objects into something wickedly horrifying and gruesome while creating a cult following at the same time like a car tire we see in the movie RUBBER. For our demon toilet paper possessed creatures, EVIL DEAD is definitely our main influence and also our inspiration, not just for the character itself, but also how that movie was able to create gross-out, ultra violet, and delightfully gory practical effects in such limited budget and became a cult horror movie till now - something we wish and hope we at least partly succeeded with our little short film here. Our soundtrack is also inspired by film like INSIDIOUS and created by Gregory S. Burkart giving our movie a jumpy, trippy, eerie, and thrilling tone throughout.

What are you working on next?

Right now, I'm pretty much working on my self-taped auditions and pursuing my acting career but I also have tons of (shitty) ideas that I would love to turn WIPED into a trilogy or even spawn more sequels and hopefully one day, make it become the next horror franchise.



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