Meet the Team: Yasmin Le Comte

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

What is your role at Momus?

I am the head of the marketing department! I am in charge of all social media accounts. I create ideas to market our company, engage with our audiences and come up with strategies to reach more people who might need us! I love my job at Momus because it’s so creative!

What is your role on set when not acting?

I am good at hair and make-up and I enjoy doing that a lot! I also love catering because I grew up watching my dad run a catering company. As well as that, I have also done set designing! I lay down the props on set, move around furniture until it looks good, and change stuff in the background of the shot if necessary!

What is your favorite film genre?

That’s a hard question. I love every film genre, but I think my favorite is drama. I do have to be in the mood for a drama, because those movies always hit me so hard that I’m usually useless for the rest of the day. You know what I mean? You watch something so impactful that for the rest of the day you can only think about that movie and the message behind it.  So when I’ve had a super long day and just want to relax, I usually watch a comedy or a horror/thriller. I love bad horror movies too for some reason!

Favorite film?

Titanic made me want to be an actress. The feeling I described in the question above, that's the feeling Titanic gave me when I watched it for the first time when I was like 4 or 5 years old. I remember thinking:’ This is what I need to do too, give people the feeling I just had watching this movie’. I think I’ve watching Titanic around 40 times since then. But another movie that hit me in the same way as Titanic did was Dallas Buyers Club. That has been my favorite movie for the last few years.

Favorite TV show?

Such a hard question again. How am I able to pick one TV show with all these amazing series coming out every year? So many series that are popping up in my min, but one of my favorites has to be Breaking Bad. I binge watched Breaking Bad around a year ago, and I am still so impressed by it, holy shit. I am most impressed by the writing and acting. There was not one moment watching that show that I was like: 'alright, I get it… Just move on to the next scene’. Just amazing. So many series these days have an amazing first season, an okay second season and after that they just want to please the fans and continue making money off of it, and they milk it. Hate that. That’s why I was also so impressed by Chernobyl. The mini series only has 5 episodes, but those episodes are golden. The vibe you get watching Chernobyl gives me goosebumps. It's a close second on my list.

Favorite Song?

Every song from The Killers is my favorite, except for Mr. Brightside. I’ve listened to that song too many times!

Favorite memory on set?

One of my first professional paid gigs was a denim jeans commercial shot in the middle of Joshua Tree. Before I moved to the US I always daydreamed about driving in a convertible through the Mojave dessert with some music in the background and just living the good life. That day on set I wasn’t just driving in a mustang through Joshua Tree with a handsome male model next to me, I was actually getting paid to do that! I feel so extremely lucky to do this as a job.

What are you doing during the Quarantine?

I am actually pretty busy! I am starting a company with some of my good friends and I am still working for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts from my house in Amsterdam. Next to that I have been painting houses and stairs, making photo albums, building my website and brand as an actor, practicing my Spanish, playing puzzles, starting a long term financial plan for myself, and enjoying Tiger King on Netflix.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In LA or Amsterdam making a living as a full time actress, and enjoying everything life has to offer.

What do you hope to accomplish at Momus?

I hope to help young actors getting all their materials together so they feel ready to start tackling this complicated and challenging business, and to give them the feeling that they are not alone in this.

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