Meet the Team: Oliver Boon

What do you do at Momus?

I run the Entertainment section of Momus Media and I am in charge of sales.

What is your role on set when not acting?

I've been training as a Sound Mixer for the past couple years.

What is your favorite film genre?

Dark Comedy is my absolute favorite. I don't like action so much as I love suspense.

Favorite film?

Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window with Grace Kelly and James Stewart. I just find all his movies incredible in their ingenuity when you take into account the limitations at the time!

Favorite TV show?

I've started getting into Fargo. I also love Ru Paul's Drag Race!

Favourite Song?

This Must be the Place by the Talking Heads. I have been in love with this song ever since I first heard it as a kid. One day I hope to put together a short film based the dreams I've had listening to it.

Favorite memory on set?

My first ever film was a student short when I was 16. I was playing a kid who had a dad pushing him to be a runner when he wanted to be a doctor. I was trying so hard to make it real for myself I messed up my line and said "...but I don't want to be like you dad, I want to be an actor"!

What are you doing during the Quarantine?

Things have been up and down but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I saw this quote the other day "A set back is only a set up for a come back". That's kept me going!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

If things go to plan, I am a "working" actor/producer in LA, repped across the board by established agencies.

What do you hope to accomplish at Momus?

To establish Momus Media as a resource and community for all actors that seek to further their careers.

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