Meet the Team: Charlotte Hendrickx

What do you do at Momus (Your role in the business)?

I’m Chief of Operations.

What is your role on set when not acting?

I’ve done a couple of different jobs before. I’ve done slate and script supervising. I’ve been an on-set photographer, a producer, but most of the times I’m first AD.

What is your favorite film genre?

I’m going to have to say drama or drama-romance.

Favorite film?

It’s so hard to pick just one movie. It depends on what I’m the mood for. Am I in the mood for a good laugh or a good tear-jerker? Do I want to watch a period movie or futuristic? …

Depending on the mood of the day, I have a couple of movies that I know I’ll enjoy. A movie that always makes me cry for example is The Best of Me. For a good laugh I’ll watch something like Crazy, Stupid Love and I think I’ve seen The Imitation Game at least a dozen times! But there are so, so, so many more I love that I could name!

Favorite TV show?

Again, there’s a list of shows that I like, but my top 3 would have to be The Peaky Blinders, The Haunting of Hill House and Scandal.

Favorite Song?

Right now, It’s Wanted Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi.

Favorite memory on set?

One moment that I will never forget is when we wrapped onset of a short tilted Here Lies Lauren. It was an emotional role and the feeling of wrapping on a project where everyone gave their everything in every way is very fulfilling!

What are you doing during the Quarantine?

Funny enough I seem to be as busy if not busier than before the quarantine. I still work every day. I’ve been trying to write a lot which is great. I’ve been doing a lot of the things I didn’t get to do before the quarantine because I either didn’t take the time for it or I just didn’t have the time to do them.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I want to be able to live off of the money I earn doing jobs that I love! Not having to side hustle to pay the bills and worry that you’ll have enough time/money to do what you actually want to do.

What do you hope to accomplish at Momus?

I hope Momus Media can be a place where actors can find what they need to succeed at what they want to achieve. It’s a though business and it’s a big pool of people. You don’t always know who you can rely on to deliver and where you can go for good services.

It would be nice if people could come to us and trust us to help provide them with good quality of what they need to move forward, to become their go-to company for the services that they need.

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